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Photo: Shadowlink1014 / Wikimedia Commons ( Other ) Traffic patterns try to organize the chaos that are our daily commutes. However, sometimes they get extremely weird. What is the weirdest traffic pattern out there? Erin Marquis started our office this website Slack discussion on this with a real head-scratcher: the Michigan Left. What is a Michigan Left ? Oh, buckle up because this is going to be a wild ride. Apparently, Michiganders have these intersections where instead of turning left, they pull a U-turn then turn right. Other times, they take a right then pull a U-turn. To someone outside of Michigan like myself, this setup seems absolutely bonkers. Why add extra steps to turning left? According to Michigan Department of Transportation traffic and safety administrator, Kelby Wallace, the Michigan Left reduces crashes by 30 to 60 percent, WDET 101.9 FM reports. Our Norman Mayersohn offers his own confusing anecdote: In Melbourne, Australia, where you’re already driving on the wrong side of the road, you must make right turns from the extreme left lane. The traffic light is supposed to cover you, but it’s still a scary deal. Especially when it had just been pouring buckets, you’re on an unfamiliar motorcycle and you have to cross highly polished steel streetcar tracks. That just sounds like a whole lot of nope right there! A town near me in Wisconsin has deployed a double roundabout at the intersection of a few major roads. These aren’t hard to navigate if you pay attention to the signs, but it’s not uncommon to see near-misses as people figure out what’s going on. What weird traffic patterns do you know about? Are there some roads you avoid because of their traffic pattern designs?

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Mumbai Police and Vicky Kaushal take part in the Don Apart from Mumbai Police, several celebrities, including Vicky Kaushal and Gauahar Khan, also signed up for the Don’t Rush Challenge and posted their videos on Instagram. The challenge had started in 2020 amid the novel coronavirus lockdown and has since then been a great way of connecting with friends virtually. Recently, Mumbai Police joined the Don’t Rush Challenge. They posted a reel on Instagram. The caption read, “Don't rush, slow down Yellow and Red, slow down. Don't rush (sic).” A post shared by Mumbai Police (@mumbaipolice) The reel has a clip of a traffic signal. The red, yellow, and green colours on the signal blink in turns while the remix that hooked various users plays in the background. The message is loud and clear, to not flout traffic rules and be patient with the signal indications. The reel has over 10,000 likes and has been played over 93,000 times on Instagram. Users appreciated the creativity of the content team. One user commented, “You rock always...Content game strong (sic).” Another user who found it hilarious said they’d give full marks to the Mumbai Police for their sense of humour and timing. The Don’t Rush Challenge began in 2020 and took the internet by storm. It is a fun trend, especially for these times when stepping out of home is not safe due to Covid-19. The main idea behind the challenge is to bring friends, family members, acquaintances or even strangers together virtually. People dressed up in their best outfits (even if they only had their living room to go to) posted pop over to these guys transformation videos. The catch was that even though the challenge says ‘Don’t Rush’ - the transformations happen in the blink of an eye. People were very creative with their ideas for the challenge. Some used make-up brushes as their transformation tool, and passed it on to their friends to show off their look. Several videos of combined transformation looks surfaced on the internet.